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Are you interested in learning how to make documentary films?


I offer three courses via Raindance:

Practical Documentary Filmmaking Foundation

Filming Interviews

Camera Basics

You can find out more and book each course below


In this five part evening course Tom Webb takes you through the fundamentals of practical documentary filmmaking.  He draws on his extensive knowledge gained creating entertainment, corporate, short form and feature length documentaries.

You will learn not only about the technical aspects for documentary making but also interviewing techniques and stylistic approaches. Learn how to translate your knowledge from passion projects to paid corporate work.

The course starts by looking at documentary as a genre and its relationship to an audience. From there you will learn about the shooting process, interview techniques and post production workflows.

You will learn how to find translatable skills that allow you to leverage your knowledge between passion projects and paid corporate work.

Each class on the course will be taught via lectures, discussion and Q&A sessions.

Who should attend

This course is for anyone interested in making documentary style films. Whether you are a complete novice who is interested in getting started or whether you are an experienced videographer who wants to take the next step to making saleable documentaries.

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Filming interviews is one of the largest components of documentary filmmaking and especially important for corporate video production work. Being able to sell your services filming interviews for brands and companies is a great way to fund your personal passion projects. More details via the book now button below.


In this one-day class you will learn the basic theory of how a camera works and how to expose an image in the morning, and do some practical exercises in the afternoon.

Bring your own camera and learn how to push it to the limit. More details via the book now button below.

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